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Our Mission

Our industry is changing technologically faster than at any point in our past. BINP has been very successful in keeping up with these changes and integrating the right systems and technology, with the right team to print amazing publications, on time and at the best price.


Our Story

Founded in 1971, BINP is a commercial printer with no publications of its own, we are dedicated to anticipating and satisfying customer requirements. As such, the company is focused on emerging technologies and has been a consistent early adopter of new print methods and systems.

Production versatility at BINP is something we take pride in, plus the efficiency and flexibility of its prepress workflow means that three out of four Blue Island press lines are running at least six days a week. With a reputation for dependable quality service, the variety of jobs at BINP results in complete plate changes on each press every two to three hours – that's thousands of pages per week!

The four senior managers have a combined 100+ years of commercial print experience.  Gary Rice, Sr. started the business in Blue Island, IL out of a small 7,000 sq. ft. building. Today we have grown the business to 65,000 sq. ft. with print, bindery, inserting and mailing all under one roof. 

Experienced Leadership

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